Kolasin is a fairytale small town-resort situated in the picturesque place. The town is 954 meters above sea level. It’s “an air spa” surrounded by mountains: Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, Vucja, Kljuca and washed by rivers Tara in the north and Moraca in the south. The constant population is a bit more than 4, 5 thousand people. But there are always a lot of tourists. In summer the cosy town turns into balneological and air resort. Mountain skiing tours in Kolasin are popular in the cold time of the year.
If you are fond of mountain skiing, fresh air and splendid scenery you are welcome to Kolasin, well-known but at the same time exclusive resort in Montenegro.

Kolasin is lost high in the mountains. It’s surrounded by three safe mountain-masses Sinjajevina, Komovi, Bjelasica. The first Slavonic settling was founded here in the early Middle Ages. This land of plenty protected from cold and winds by mountain walls has been a reason of arguments for many centuries. The town-fortress defending mountain passes and ways to the sea was founded by Turks (owned these lands) in 1652. Kolasin was included in Montenegro only at the end of the 19th century and immediately became a popular resort.


One of the brightest sights of Kolasin is Biogradska Gora national park. It’s famous for virgin nature. Biogradsko lake located in the entrance to the park is the largest and the clearest glacial lake in Europe. The endless forest paths round the lake attract tourists in any season. The fresh air of Biogradska gora national park is the best medicine from many diseases.
Not far from Kolasin one of the oldest European monasteries – Moraca monastery - is hidden high in the mountains. It was founded 750 years ago. Near it there is the oldest Christian church of this region – The church of the Assumption of the virgin built in 1252.


At the first sight Kolasin attracts tourists with its comfort and chamberness, especially if they visit it in the first part of the day. You can hardly imagine that there is a busy night life in such a calm place. But it’s true! There are two night clubs -“Select” and “66” – well-known in Europe; and a lot of cafes and restaurants of different price levels. At the same time you can easily find cosy slopeside hotels where you’re able to enjoy silence and loneliness.


Kolasin excels many world skiing resorts in length and tending of the trails. Their common length is 15 km. The ski trails Kolasin are located only in 8.5 km from the town. The special buses take tourists to the trails in the day time. The ski trails Kolasin have the thick snow layer. But nevertheless the resort has technical equipment producing artificial snow. So Kolasin isn’t afraid of a global getting warmer. Like many other modern European ski resorts Kolasin has some lightened trails where you may ski in the dark time. The tourists can get the top of the mountain by two modern ski lifts: the baby lift and the adult lift. The beginners can use the ski instructor’s help. At the Kolasin trails work the professionals with the highest qualification and international work experience.
If you don’t take the skis and ski equipment you can always rent them here –not far from the trails.

The ski centre Ezerine is a completely reconstructed centre offering its clients a service centre where you can rent the ski equipment, snowmobiles and quadrocycle; one rope tow and three chair lifts, a lightened trail for the night skiing.


The trails are regularly served with special snow compressing machines – ratracks. The experienced instructors are always at beginner’s service. There are two restaurants of national kitchen with a big fire-place; an open-air terrace works in the day time. The accordance to international standards FIS permits to organize high level competitions here.